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Welcome to colourfaire, another livejournal account dedicated to icons, graphics and design. This is a small, one person factory -- all things in the journal produced by rosicrucian in her off time. Not the fanciest icon maker but far from the worst either, this is a collection of icons and other resources for people who stumble across it to make use of.

General // Please do not direct link to my icons or any pictures within this livejournal. If you want to host an icon outside of livejournal, please (if you are on windows) right-click and hit 'save as'. Then uploaded your saved image to your imagehost of choice -- Imageshack, Photobucket, or Box.net. Please do not direct link, it costs me bandwidth. If my photobucket account goes over, then I can't post new icons. If my domain goes over, it goes into the pocket of my best friend, as she owns the account my domain is on.

Icons // While credit would be highly appreciated, I have to stress that it is not required. If you are the sort of person who wants to make sure someone is credited for the time they spent, then thank you and may go right ahead. However, if you are not, then fret not, because it is not required. If you would like to credit but don't know how, all you do is type somewhere within the keywords or comments of the icon < lj user="colourfaire" > but without the spaces between the brackets. The only other thing involving credit, is that I ask that you don't credit yourself with their creation. If someone asks, don't tell them you made it.

It would be worth noting about now that I do not make bases, except on a rare occasion. Icons without text are not bases and are not to be used in a way in which bases are. If you want any sort of text on an textfree icon, feel free to comment and let me know. I do perform customizations for my icons. I do not bite!

Moving on now, to the only thing that really concerns me. In the end, all I ask for is a single comment if you take my work. As I like to see where they are getting homes at.

Brushes // Brushes do not need to be credited. Once again, while it is rather nice to be credited for the work, I don't require it because its not important. If you have a credit post where you list your resources, feel free to chuck a link in there if you feel like it. I'm not the sort of person who tracks down users of my material and latch onto their back and harp on about keeping track of everything you've taken from my LJ. Its pointless, you can keep up with the whole of the vast greatness that is teh internets, so why worry about it? However, I must once again say that comments are lovely things. I love to know where my work is traveling to.

Other Resources // Each of these will contain specific rules in the post in which the resource is housed. Since this category is rather broad, this all I can really say about it.